EvaGene Precision Marketing

What is precision marketing?

Why it helps customers?

Why it helps customers?

How to choose that is best for me and on an acceptable price? Access to frequent discounts on products they need the most. Effortless applying health and longevity advices in everyday life. Make more use of existing DNA data.
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Why it helps stores?

Why it helps stores?

Insights about the customers allow better promotions targeting. Intimate relationship with the customers and better customer retention.
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How do we handle the privacy?

Users volunerely upload their DNA data from 23andMe and Ancestry (and all other DNA data providers) to create their profile in EvaGene platform.

EvaGene platform parse the DNA and stores it and the user profile generated from it, complying to GDPR requirements.

We provide two solutions based on the level of details the store receives about each customer:

  1. The store does not receive any data about user’s genetic predispositions, the EvaGene platform renders the correct adds per customer. 
  2. Customer opts in for details to be shared with the store, and the store shows adds based on a filter.

Real scenario

Loren goes to Walmart to buy some cosmetics.

She already has DNA sequenced from 23adnMe but after receiving her report, she didn’t do anything with this data for 2 years.

At Walmart, she discovers, that she can now upload her DNA file from 23andMe, have her data securely stored on EvaGene GDPR certified platform that integrates with Walmart. By doing that she will receive 50% discount of the cosmetics that turn out to match her skin type based on her DNA predisposition.

She adds the DNA file from the Walmart app connected to EvaGene, and receives a promotion for 50% discount for creme with Niacinamid 5% that will work best for her. 

Also, she is predisposed to age spots and wrinkles, so Walmart offers her 40% discount on sunscreen.

Loren is happy with the personalized treatment and the deals, and buys both products.

Family of Carol buys vegetables

Carol wants to feed her family healthy at good price.

She discovered that at Walmart she can have a personalized discount based on her body needs. She can also apply for family discount, based on her family predisositions and needs.

All she needs to do is upload the DNA files she already have from Ancestry into the EvaGene platform that connects with Walmart, and start receiving her discounts.

The platform finds out that avocado is best for all of her family. From now on, she can use her 20% discount on avocado, to make sure her family eats what is best.

Do you want to provide precision services to your customers?

Please contact our team at: [email protected]


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