Understand how it works in details

In the EvaGene platform, you can review your recommendations, your summary and detailed reports, and also download your generated DNA data and keep it for future medical or other needs.

Whole process from order to receiving your report

After ordering, you receive an easy-to-use DNA kit at home. You return it with a prepaid package, and within 6 weeks you get the result.

Order and delivery

After ordering from our site, you will receive a comfort test of your home. Delivery to Bulgaria is within 2 working days.

Unpacking and usage

Together with the test you will receive
detailed instructions.

Send back to us

After you make the test, you send back the sample to our office.


You will receive an email within 6 weeks that your results are ready and available on our platform. You will receive a login link in the email, and you can also login directly from the EvaGene site here.

Употреба на резултатите

С вашите анализи можете да получите различни услуги – фитнес програма, и индивидуален фитнес коучинг, козметичен анализ, процедури и препоръчана козметика и други. Разгледайте страницата с нашите партньори.

How to make your DNA test at home.

The DNA test is easy to use, and anyone can do it at home.

With us, you own your data. We and our partners at SelfDecode will never sell your data.

We use your genes to predict the best recommendations tailored uniquely to you.


Open the packet and take the collector and instruction out.


Collect a saliva sample to the marker.


Register the code that is on the kit itself.


Put the test in the package and close it for sending.

For those with already existing DNA data

Got a DNA test ready and wondering how to get the most out of your results? EvaGene turns raw DNA data into personalized wellness strategies that help you make the most of your genetic predispositions.

Take advantage of our discounts by using your existing DNA test results.

What can your DNA reveal to you?

Your genetics play a key role in your health. The millions of options you have create a starting point of strengths and weaknesses for every part of your health, well-being and personality.

Have questions? Contact us!


Our mission is to contribute to the happiness and well-being of the Bulgarian society by making available DNA analyzes aimed at various specific areas of people's lives.


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