Understand how to better take care of your child.

Children are the most important thing in our lives. Every day we take care and make efforts for them to grow healthy, develop as well as possible and be happy.

But until we know what their dispositions are, it is impossible for us to divine their real needs.

For children above 6y.

What will you receive with the Children Pack DNA report

EvaGene's reports are extremely comprehensive, and provide a set of lifestyle recommendations that will help you achieve your best health and beauty, based on your genes. In this report, you will find recommendations in the following categories:

Nutrition needs

Skin care

Sports predispositions

Brain functions

Children personality

Sleep needs

650 лв.

This analysis is for your child if you are asking yourself some of the following questions:

Did I choose the right sport for my child?

Did you know that genetics play a big role in what your child's muscle structure is like? Depending on this, and his cognitive abilities, he can be very good at certain sports. Would you consider his genetics before devoting time and energy to developing him in a sport?

Is my child eating well?

If your child has certain genes, he may have an increased need for certain vitamins, for example Vitamin D or Vitamin C. Also, your child may be prone to food intolerances such as nuts, gluten or lactose. Do you want to find out these important things about the child in one test instead of the time of trial and error?

Am I doing enough for my child's personality development?

Each of us is built as a person based on our genetic predisposition and the environment in which we grow. Taking into account whether your child has a predisposition to leadership skills, or whether he tends to be more responsible, you can choose his activities so that he develops his talents.

If he is not genetically inclined to new experiences or a responsible attitude to his tasks, you can offer suitable activities to emphasize these qualities needed in our time and develop him.

Is my child prone to atopic dermatitis or eczema?

Many skin conditions are genetically based. Do you want to know your child's predisposition to make sure you are taking care of their skin so that they do not develop a condition?

Is my child's regimen right for their needs?

Sleep is a basic prerequisite for the proper development of a child. By knowing your child's genetic predisposition to sleep quality, duration and sleep disorders, you will be able to provide him with the most beneficial regimen possible.

How it works?

Artificial intelligence for the benefit of your health!

We analyze up to 83 millions gene variants.We use artificial intelligence to analyze all this information. We then summarize results as a risk score and display them on graphs in your analysis.

Plan for your body

Your DNA is like an instruction manual – it contains a huge amount of information.

How your DNA affect your health?

Our health reports analyze how your DNA affects your health. We then use this analysis to give you personalized risk assessments and recommendations.

Gene variants?

Genetic variants are parts of DNA that differ from person to person. Some can make you more vulnerable to certain health problems, while others affect traits like eye color.


Our mission is to contribute to the happiness and well-being of the Bulgarian society by making available DNA analyzes aimed at various specific areas of people's lives.


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